HSA/FSA Approved: Miku Smart Baby Monitor Now Eligible

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Great news for Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account holders: The Miku Smart Baby Monitor is now eligible for purchase utilizing HSA/FSA dollars!

So we thought we would take the chance to ask some of your most important HSA/FSA baby monitor questions!

What is the Miku Smart Baby Monitor?

At Miku, we empower parents and caregivers to live better through higher awareness. Our Miku Smart Baby Monitor allows parents to track their little one’s sleep, breathing, and nursery conditions completely contact-free and from anywhere in the world. Best of all, there are no subscription fees or added costs! We are thrilled to have the ability to provide peace of mind to new parents and to offer the Miku Smart Baby Monitor to those looking for an HSA/FSA accepted breathing monitor.

Why should I use my HSA/FSA funds for a baby breathing and movement monitor?

Even if your family never sees a doctor’s office outside of your baby’s regular appointments, parents always need to be prepared for their little one’s health needs before and after their arrival. With the ability to use HSA and FSA funds to purchase top baby products, parents are provided with a unique opportunity for tax benefits and savings.

Miku’s features are perfect for parents who are looking for an HSA/FSA approved baby monitor to:
– Monitor and track breathing patterns
– Monitor and track sleeping patterns
– Monitor movement
– HD video and audio monitoring

How is Miku different from other baby breathing monitors?

Unlike Miku, other baby breathing and movement monitors use sensors and wearables either placed under the mattress or wrapped around the baby. These wearables require charging, washing, resizing, and recalibrating. But we couldn’t ask that of new parents with enough on their hands already! The Miku Smart Baby Monitor is completely contact-free, meaning absolutely no wires or wearables. Miku’s unique technology also allows you to monitor your baby in any clothing, in any location in the crib, and under any lighting conditions, all in real time.

Please note that while no device should be expected to replace parental supervision, Miku is the safest and most reliable monitor to help you watch over your little one.

Ok, I’m sold. How do I purchase the Miku Smart Baby Monitor?

HSA and FSA approved products, including the Miku Smart Baby Monitor, are available for purchase using:
1) Your HSA or FSA debit card on Mikucare.com or on the HSA/FSA Amazon Store
2) Another credit/debit card. Remember to submit a receipt to your plan administrator for reimbursement

To learn more about which baby-related products and services are eligible for purchase for those expected (and unexpected) child health expenses, visit the HSA and FSA stores for more information. A lot more items are HSA/FSA approved than one might think — over 4,000 items available, including the Miku Smart Baby Monitor!

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