10 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love with the Miku Smart Baby Monitor

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10 Reasons to Love Miku

As you are preparing for your new baby, you have already spent countless hours setting up your nursery, choosing the safest car seat, and reading up on all the latest parenting advice to make sure you are ready. One of the most important decisions a new parent can make is choosing a baby monitor. This is your eyes and ears when you cannot be there in person. With so many options to choose from, here are 10 reasons why we believe our Miku Smart Baby Monitor is the best choice for your family and your baby.

1. Revolutionary real-time breathing

The tech in our device is unmatched. Our baby monitor goes beyond what other monitors can do by collecting the data from an array of different sources. Using our proprietary SensorFusion technology, that data becomes real-time breathing waveforms. Anticipate instant gratification with the convenient view of your baby’s breathing right on your smart device.

2. It’s contact-free

We can’t stress this one enough. Miku works without wires, pads, clips, or wearables coming in contact with your baby or the crib. We designed Miku with your baby’s safety and comfort in mind, and our contact-free approach to monitoring is a game changer for our Miku parents.

3. Sleep tracking 

That breathing waveform Miku creates is translated into sleep data. Keep track of naps, nighttime sleep and and wake ups to introduce a consistent sleeping schedule. Let’s be real, the only time you get rest is when they do—so allow our app to help you know the best times to put them down and wake them up for the most consistent sleep patterns for everyone in the house.

4. Peace of mind 

This one is obvious. When you see your baby breathing, you know they’re sleeping, and you’re not anxious to run into the nursery. Where video-only monitors can really leave you guessing, we prefer the comfort of modern technology.

5. Top of the line security

As a new parent, the safety of your baby is your number one priority, and it’s Miku’s number one priority too. An embedded Crypto Chip in the hardware means no one can access your monitor. If the chip senses it’s being tampered with, everything resets. Advanced encryption and two-step authentication is a complicated way of saying that you are totally in control of who sees your baby. No other monitor offers this kind of security, and in today’s world we think that is incredibly important.

6. Your Miku Smart Baby Monitor is anywhere you are. Just check your phone.

There’s no need to be tethered to a separate video monitor with the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. Simply log in to the app on your phone and see your baby sleeping safe and sound. Whether you’re running errands, traveling overseas, or just down the hall, Miku is at the ready, all the time.

7. Sweet sound

The fact that the Miku Smart Baby Monitor doubles as a sound machine is a big bonus. With custom sleep sounds and lullabies, your baby gets the ideal sleeping ambiance. And with crystal clear audio and dual speakers for two-way talk, you can soothe your baby to sleep with the sound of your voice.

8. Set-up is a breeze

Everything you need to install the Miku Smart Baby Monitor comes in the box and is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and a convenient installation video for setting up your device. We considered everything from a custom tape measure and a leveling-wall mount to cable guides that keep loose cords out of your baby’s reach.

9. Thoughtfully designed

You’ve spent countless hours designing and planning the perfect nursery, and the last thing you want is a cheap, shiny plastic monitor cluttering the space. In fact, Miku’s sleek design with finger-print resistant matte finish is aesthetically pleasing in any nursery. Plus, the included compact cord covers blend into your wall and cover unsightly and dangerous exposed cords busying up the scene.

10. You’ll get to know your nursery

Miku tracks live humidity and temperature in the nursery. If the room is too hot or too dry, you’ll know right away with one glance at the nursery conditions chart on the app. Compare that with your child’s sleeping trends, and you’ll know how to adjust the room for the perfect slumber.

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