10 Features that Make the Miku Smart Baby Monitor Extra Safe

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Miku Smart Baby Monitor Safety Features

Discovering the perfect brands for your little one can take hours of your time, so the Miku Smart Baby Monitor was designed to make your decision easy. From sleep tracking and contact-free monitoring to baby-proof safety features and two-way audio, you can trust your baby is in good hands. Discover why the Miku Smart Baby Monitor is the right choice for your family:

1. Breathing You Can See

Breathing is a key indicator of a baby’s health and can provide insight into the early stages of their overall and developing wellness. The Miku Smart Baby Monitor was created to give parents awareness of their baby’s respiratory patterns and was designed to seamlessly fit into a new parent’s life, easing anxieties and providing immediate reassurance. Imagine knowing each time your baby takes a breath, and not only knowing but seeing. Miku’s real-time breathing waveform makes this possible.

2. Wire and Wearable Free

Miku’s founders developed our technology to provide a safer, contact-free alternative to old-school baby monitors. Our proprietary SensorFusion technology sees beyond and can track breathing even when a baby is sleeping in total darkness, under a thick swaddle, or on their side in the corner of the crib. With no wires or wearables, parents can give their little one the space they need to grow without strapping, charging, or connecting… only hugs and kisses for this babe.

3. Sleep Insights

Miku’s internal processor translates breathing and movement patterns into sleep cycle data and communicates directly with your Miku smartphone app. From there, you can view key insights into your baby’s breathing and sleeping patterns including what time your baby fell asleep and woke up as well as their sleep quality. Quickly scan the week’s daily summaries to track how long your baby is napping and how often. Or take note of how long it takes your little one to fall asleep each night. Miku’s above-crib view and mobile dashboard help parents know how their babe’s sleep habits are developing during their first months. So no more ‘nap logs’ from the nanny!

4. Local Processing

Every Miku smart baby monitor was created to have its own processing hardware for two reasons:

– Real-Time Data: Information is instantly pushed to your Miku app, removing lag time from cloud processing.

– Information Safety: Local processing eliminates the need for your personal data to travel outside your home to a cloud before being delivered to your smartphone.

When it comes to real-time breathing monitoring, the most responsive system means the most accurate.

5. Crypto Chip Security

Miku has gone to great lengths to create the safest system on the market. The Miku Smart Baby Monitor uses AES 256 bit encryption and takes safety to the next level by installing a tamper-proof chip in the device that protects your monitor’s data processing and security functions. This Crypto Chip is unique to Miku and keeps your data safe, so any tampering with a Miku resets all the keys and erases the data. Plus the two-step verification and sharing settings allow you to know who sees your baby or has access to app features (like your babysitter or the grandparents). Complete control of your Miku is in your hands.

6. Smart Alerts

Miku created a system that seamlessly integrates into a new parent’s lifestyle within a mobile device they already use. For parents who chose to use them, alerts can be sent directly to your phone with a simple push notification and alert tone. And if you lose an internet signal, your Miku monitor’s local processor will continue to function and sound an alert through its internal speakers.

7. Nursery Conditions

The Miku smart baby monitor also tracks live humidity and temperature levels. Throughout the day, parents can find easy-to-read graphs of this data that can be compared alongside sleep cycle patterns. Sensors have been placed within the base of each device to maximize accuracy, so your data and safety is never compromised by excess heat. By providing parents with clear instances of an ever-evolving environment, the Miku smart baby monitor can help parents improve their little one’s snooze quality and provide parents peace of mind that their baby is achieving the right sleep.

8. Cable Lock Base Plate

Miku specifically engineered the smart monitor’s base plate to utilize a locking mechanism that keeps the power cord in place and out of your baby’s grasp. With 50 lbs of pressure needed for release, you should never need to worry about them pulling the monitor down… unless your baby is a miniature Super Man or Woman!

9. Cable Guide Covers

To further discourage courageous and curious babe’s who may believe they have superhuman strength, Miku created a sleek self-locking system that covers cords and adheres to the wall with matte fingerprint resistant finishes. This feature allows your baby to explore their crib without abandon and sleep soundly in your line of sight.

10. Two-Way Live Audio

The Two-Way Talk feature takes baby monitoring to the next level. Yeah, it can be utilized when the Miku app is running in your phone’s background, when other apps are open, or even in “sleep” mode. And sure, it’s super cute to sing a lullaby and whisper goodnight to your little babe, but the Miku smart baby monitor’s two-way talk system doubles as an intercom system, which introduces several functional choices. The finely tuned microphones and speakers allow you to communicate to your baby for comfort, for fun, or even can allow communication from parent-to-parent while one is in the nursery and another is away… be fair-warned this may be fun but it was not intended as an adult walkie-talkie system!

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